• Record and Remix Kit
  • Record and Remix Kit
  • Record and Remix Kit
  • Record and Remix Kit

Record and Remix Kit


For kids who wanna lay it down, chop it up and hit re-re-re reeemix! Kids build their very own remix module out of the box, so they can start recording and distorting sounds right away. Discovering how music is made by creating & layering their own sounds.

- Learn about music production and sound technology

- Record and share your songs using the Recording Studio platform

- Ages: 8+








What is the Record + Remix kit?

The Record + Remix kit is a remix module kids can use to record and distort sounds. It can either be their own voices, a song played from a connected device or natural sounds, ultimately creating a melody that is 100% their own.

What do you learn with this kit?

Kids learn about music and sound technology, music productions, sound waves and how electronic components bring sound to life. They also get to develop their creativity and musical skills by playing with the kit.

Where can I access the Recording Studio?

The Recording Studio is available via Club Make in the top right corner or directly accessible here.

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