Go Doodle

Go Doodle is our latest collection created by miniFab.

Go Doodle offers Eco-friendly, handmade crayons in your kids' name or their favourite shapes like transport or unicorns.

Unlike ordinary crayons, our crayons do not shape like pencils. Go Doodle crayons fit well for young kids with small hands. Our crayons come in different shapes, which can help promote a good tripod grasp. Smaller crayons are easier to hold and grasp, building the child's confidence to doodle and draw. It also helps them develop the small muscles in their hands, laying a good foundation for more advanced skills later on, like writing and colouring within lines.

It sounds like a lot of science, but truly what we really want are that kids have fun doodling, let them explore the world of colours, and unleash their creativity! Go and doodle!

Our personalised names crayons collection is a special gift to gift. Our crayons are non-toxic, made of natural beeswax & soy wax, and food-grade pigments and comply with EN71 standard.