Kids Party


Want to host a party that is something different? Seedling believe every kid has their own great ideas that are just waiting to be explored.

Our Seedling Party will be one to inspire your kids and guests to let their imagination loose. Our Seedling party are held at our party room located at a very convenient location in Sheung Wan!

For more information or to make a booking, please email us ( or give us a call. If you have a date in mind, please call us to at least pencil your time in so you don't miss out!





Party includes:

- Your choice of theme for decorations in Party room (please see below)

- The Party run for an hour and a half up to two hours and can be catered.

- A fun, creative and unique Seedling craft activity matching party theme. E.g. designing your own pom pom accessories or design your own animal mask.

- Our party room take parties for up to 10 children

- Group photo in the Party room with cool, fun props to choose from. After the party, the photos can be emailed to you and with the option of being uploaded to the miniFab Facebook page in their own self titled album so everyone who was at party can view and download them

- A themed invitation e card for each guest designed in your chosen theme.

Pick one of the below eight themes for a unique and memorable party:

1) The Dino

2) Fashionista

3) On The Road

4) The Pirate

5) The Pom Pom

6) The Wild Animal

7) Be An Artist

8) The Big Imagination


1) The Dino Party

There is something that is breathlessly exciting about dinosaurs. We love to imagine these gigantic, powerful prehistoric creatures roaming the earth millions of years ago. Dinosaurs are a great kid's party theme; it has excitement, adventure, the thrill of discovery!

2) Fashionista

Throw your little one a fashion-themed party that she and friends will never forget! Invite them to dress like runway models and they can even be the fashion designer to design their own costume or jewellery accessory. You can even celebrate this special day with kids nail party. A perfect pamper party for your little ones.

3) On The Road

A great party idea for your busy little ones who are always on the move! An excitement for kids who love cars, planes and boats. Keep their imagination wild with the perfect transportation party for a child on the move. Kids can colour their own plane or tug boat and even make a race! A party which invites the kids and guests on board to an exciting and moving party experience.

4) The Pirate

Aye, Aye Matey! What young boy hasn't wanted to be a pirate? Find the buried treasure? Discover an island? Meet Captain Hook? Well, maybe not the last one, but this is a great party for any adventurous mate. Plan a great party with this Pirate's Adventure Party.


5) The Pom Pom

Celebrate in style with Pom Pom themed party! Colourful pom poms make your little ones smile and bring whimsical thoughts and happiness to your party! There are a range of Seedling activities like making their own pom pom or princess magical wands or even friendship bracelets! You can even celebrate this special day with kids nail party. A perfect pamper party for your little ones.


6) Wild Animal

Everybody loves animals! They’re cute and silly and playful – just like your kids! So why not celebrate the big day with a Wild Animals Party? Everyone will be delighted to join you for this “WILD” time!


7) Be An Artist

“All children are artists” by Pablo Picasso. Artist themed party is perfect for little budding artists who will love the chance to express their creativity in a tasty way. Kids can experiment with color through fun Seedling crafts and activities


8) The Big Imagination

Let the kids' imagination run wild! An all times favorite party theme with kids dressing up as their favorite characters, let it be a superhero, spy, doctor or even pirate!


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