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It’s the time of the year when you are hearing friends and families leaving Hong Kong. Give a meaningful gift that the whole family can cherish and remember Hong Kong. Hong Kong From A to Z Collection is the Unique Hong Kong Themed Gifts For Farewells And Souvenirs.

‘Hong Kong From A to Z’ (HK$195) is a fun, entertaining children storybook that follows a little girl, named Ayma, and a lost frog, Romer to find its home. In this fun adventure, they discover the places of Hong Kong and experience the city’s rich culture, and fall in love from A to Z!

One day Ayma hears a tap-tap-tap and looks up to see a little frog at the window. “Hi, my name is Romer, I’m a bit lost” the frog says. It’s a frog that can speak!

Join Ayma and Romer’s fun adventure, as they discover Hong Kong through vibrant illustrations that blend watercolour with digital graphic design. Experience our city’s rich culture, and fall in love with it from A to Z!

                                              Story by Ellen Ng                                            

Idea & Illustrated by Assia Bennani 


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