Our Brands

Tech Will Save Us - Award-winning kits and digital tools help kids make, play, code and invent


"We are wow makers."

Our range of digital and physical toys combine education with play to create heroes. Teaching kids about tech doesn’t start with a Harvard diploma in quantum-computing science. It starts with a ‘PING’, the lighting up of a bulb and a smile from the world’s newest creator.



Tech Will Save Us

 Seedling  - Award-winning Creative Kits                                                    

"Planting ideas, growing minds"

Originated from New Zealand, Seedling is all about giving kids the opportunity to explore their world and their abilities. Seedling create kits to nurture this process and engage young minds, planting ideas that grow a passion for creative thinking. 




Stuck on You - Personalised labels and gifts 


An Australian company specializing in personalized name and clothing labels as well as quality personalized gift items. Operating worldwide for over 20 years,    Stuck on You is known for its quality, innovation and designs. The brand has been available in Hong Kong and Singapore for than 10 years and is the brand leader in personalised items.  



Zoobug - Award-winning Children's eyewear from Europe


Zoobug is an award-winning brand of high-quality, handmade sunglasses and frames designed exclusively for children aged 0-12 years. Based in the city of London, the company is passionate about raising public awareness and industry standards – with the aim of improving children's eye health.We strongly believe that kids enjoy wearing beautifully designed eyewear and quality UV protective sunglasses, just like their mums and dads! 




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