• Solar Plant Kit
  • Solar Plant Kit
  • Solar Plant Kit
  • Solar Plant Kit
  • Solar Plant Kit

Solar Plant Kit


Build a solar powered sensor that lights up when your plant needs water.  Learn about solar power. Make circuits. Get messy with plaster-of-paris.

Feedback that feeds plants

Using solar panels, a few electronic components, and getting your hands dirty with plaster-of-paris, build a sensor that lights up when your plant needs water. It’s the perfect introduction to building circuits, learning about sensors and solar power.

Ages: 8+


What is the Solar Plant kit?

The Solar Plant kit is a solar-powered sensor which lights up to alert when the plant is in need of water.

What do you learn with this kit?

Kids learn about how solar energy works by building their own solar-powered circuit. They also use plaster of paris to make a moisture sensor.

What is the recommended age?

8 years and up – though we think it’s a great kit for forgetful grownups too

How is it powered?

You guessed it – it’s powered through solar energy, so no batteries are needed!

Where can I find the manual?

Club Make is the place to be – we’ve got awesome online manuals to match our awesome kits.

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